Release Dates: October 2006 (USA) / November 2007 (Australia/NZ )
ISBN: 0-373-76758-7
Setting:  Auckland, New Zealand

Connor Knight, the youngest of the Knight brothers, wants the one thing Holly Christmas could never give him - a child of his own. Holly wants what Connor has sworn never to part with again - his heart. Sleeping with her boss after the staff Christmas party was not the best career move Holly ever made - but on the anniversary of the day she was abandoned as a toddler, who could blame her for seeking a sense of belonging in the arms of the man she's secretly loved for years?

For Connor, finding solace in his virgin secretary's arms is salve to his wounded heart after the shock discovery his ex-wife had terminated their child.

What is Holly to do when she discovers she's pregnant with the child he never dreamed he'd have? She has to find the strength to face her deepest fears and find the answers to her past while standing up to Connor's determination that nothing will go wrong this time. They must both learn to break down the barriers they've built around their hearts and learn to trust in love again.
Release Dates: January 2007 (USA) / February 2007 (Australia/NZ )
ISBN: 0-373-76776-5
Setting: Auckland, New Zealand

Ultra-cautious Gwen Jones still bears the emotional scars of her night of passion with Declan Knight. Now, she keeps her heart and her trust firmly under control. For her, security and stability is everything but her world is ripped apart when her fiancé abandons her after emptying both his boss's and her bank accounts and puts the security of her ancestral home at risk.

Declan Knight still blames himself for the accidental death of his fiancée, Renata, eight years ago, and has sworn never to love again - especially not Renata’s best friend, Gwen, with whom he sought surcease from grief during the dark days after Renata’s death. To avoid further pain he has encased his emotions in steel and resorted to playing the field, however he needs a wife to regain control of his company, Cavaliere Developments. When Gwen seeks Declan out to warn him of her fiancé’s embezzlement of his company, and subsequent escape from New Zealand, Declan sees the perfect opportunity to help them both. After all, he’s no longer attracted to her - is he? But can Gwen risk her carefully constructed defences by accepting Declan Knight’s offer of a marriage of convenience?
Release dates:  March 2007 (USA) / April 2007 (Australia/NZ )
ISBN: 978-0-373-76788-5
Setting: Auckland and the Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand

Helena Davies has a secret she thought was safe from the world, but after her older husband’s death his eldest son threatens to expose the truth if she doesn’t give him full control of the family business. Helena will do anything to protect the life and respectability - and particularly her son Brody’s security - she’s fought so hard to gain even if it means telling Mason Knight the truth - that he’s Brody’s real father.

Mason Knight’s instinct is to refuse Helena's approach for help. He doesn’t trust the gold-digging widow of his late mentor one inch. But when she proves he has an eleven year old son he agrees to assist her, except now he has a plan of his own - to get sole custody of the boy no matter what, and in the process get Helena out of his system forever.
Release dates:  July 2007 (USA) / September 2007 (Australia/NZ)
ISBN 10: 0373768117
ISBN 13: 978-0373768110
Setting: Auckland, New Zealand

Lana Whittaker’s world is ripped apart by her husband Kyle’s death in a car accident. Worse, he wasn’t alone at the time. Unknown to her he’s led a double life, happy to keep her as his picture-perfect Auckland society wife while feathering a nest with another woman in another city. He’s left behind a financial web of lies that sees every last bastion of security ripped from Lana’s grasp and leaves her homeless, car-less, jobless and destitute - somehow she has to rebuild her life. Despite not thoroughly approving of his younger sister, Maria’s, relationship with Kyle Whittaker, Raffaele Rossellini is determined to avenge the destruction of her chance at happiness. Fuelled by lies from Lana’s husband, a man Raffaele believes he had no reason not to trust, he blames Lana for deliberately foiling all attempts at divorce by her husband, preventing Kyle from marrying Maria and making their child legitimate. Raffaele plans to swiftly wreak his revenge then take the baby home with him to Italy. He doesn’t count on Lana’s appointment as testamentary guardian.
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Release dates:  February 2008 (USA) / March 2008 (Australia/NZ)
ISBN-10: 0373768540
ISBN-13: 978-0373768547 
Setting: Onemata (fictional), New Zealand

At 20, Hunter Dolan was too young to make a difference when Charles Fontaine destroyed his family but he vowed he'd have his revenge. When socialite and party-girl, Lily Fontaine, returns home to the seaside town of Onemata she presents him with the perfect opportunity. Rekindling their forbidden teen romance will give him the ultimate edge over Charles Fontaine as Hunter plans to destroy Fontaine Compuware and everything else Charles Fontaine has ever loved. But Hunter doesn't count on wanting Lily with a ferocious heat that threatens to consume them both, or on uncovering the truth behind the secret that sent her out of his life nearly ten years ago...
Book 6 in the Diamonds Down Under Continuity

Release dates: June 2008 (USA)/July 2008 (Aus/NZ)
ISBN-13: 9780373768738 
Setting: Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand

Ever since their one night together, making love again to Rachel Kincaid was all Matt Hammond thought about. That and destroying the Blackstone diamond empire and avenging his family. Poised for a take-over, Matt cursed fate for bringing Rachel back now—as nanny to his motherless son. Nights with her in his house tortured him, like the Blackstones did. Matt was possessed by revenge and obsessed by a woman. The billionaire always got what he wanted, but now did he want sweet revenge…or sweet Rachel's love?
Book 3 Rogue Diamonds mini-series

Release dates: Apr 2009 (USA)/May 2009 (Aus/NZ)
ISBN-13: 9780373769377 
Setting: Auckland, Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Sultry, elegant, sophisticated…the woman Adam Palmer glimpsed at a casino was temptation in scarlet. To his surprise, she was no stranger. The New Zealand business magnate never knew his quiet personal assistant had a seductive side, or that she might be acquainted with a scheming company rival. There was only one thing he could do to satisfy both his curiosity and his burning need to possess her…make Lainey Delacorte his mistress! And Adam planned to learn what other secrets she had been hiding—in and out of the bedroom.


Release dates: Aug 2008 (USA)/Sep 2008 (Aus/NZ)
ISBN-13: 9780373768905 
Setting: Taupo, New Zealand

The accident that had taken Belinda's memory had provided Luc with the perfect means for revenge. His beautiful bride had no recollection of fleeing her groom on their wedding day...or the real reason behind their union. All she recalled was the unbridled passion they still shared--and the steely-eye mogul planned to take full advantage of it.
Book 2 Rogue Diamonds mini-series

Release dates: Mar 2009 (USA)/Apr 2009 (Aus/NZ)
ISBN-13: 9780373769308 
Setting: Auckland, New Zealand/Tuscany, Italy

She'd run from a disastrous betrayal straight into the arms of a sexy Italian aristocrat. From the moment their eyes met, Blair Carson had been under Draco Sandrelli's spell. She'd fallen into their affair with total abandon, without thought.
Now the time had come to face reality. She was pregnant by a man she barely knew. Draco was demanding she return to Tuscany to have their baby. And never once had he uttered the word love.

Book 1 Rogue Diamonds mini-series

Release dates: Feb 2009 (USA)/Mar 2009 (Aus/NZ)
ISBN-13: 9780373769230 
Setting: Auckland, New Zealand

Marry before her 30th birthday or forfeit her inheritance. A sticky choice for heiress Amira Forsythe was a golden opportunity for her ex-fiance, Brent Colby--for payback. Of course Brent assumed she was a spoiled socialite. And he would never believe what she really needed the money for...

Brent intended to make the most of this. Eight years ago, Amira humiliated him in front of hundreds of wedding guests. Now he had the chance to do the same...seduce her, make love to her--and then leave!