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::APRIL 2014:

WANTING WHAT SHE CAN'T HAVE is Book 5 in The Master Vintners series and reveals more of Alexis Fabrini (Tamsyn and Ethan Master's surprise half-sister.)

Craving the Forbidden…
Billionaire Raoul Benoit lets Alexis Fabrini, his late wife's best friend, become his daughter's nanny for one reason only: the baby deserves love and attention. Raoul doesn't-he has to pay for his sins, which means steering clear of Alexis no matter how much he wants her. The least Alexis can do is help out with this child. But she can't let herself fall into bed with Raoul. She's lived with her unrequited feelings for a long time-what's a little while longer? The problem is, the feelings are more than requited, and can no longer be denied.

AND... Pre-order now! EXPECTING THE CEO'S CHILD (Book 3 in Dynasties: The Lassiters, June 2014)

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APRIL 2014
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