Here's a list of articles I wrote for various writing publications.  Please contact me for reprint permission.
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Feeding the soul - Susan Wiggs
Idea Generators: The 37 Dramatic Situations - Julia West
factoid articles from How Stuff Works

Reflections on Writing series
~ Just Do It! 
~ The Definition of Impossible (almost!)
~ The Professional Approach
~ Looking for the Diamond in the Rough
~ It's all a Matter of Perspective
~ Press On
~ Professional Jealousy
~ Lending A Hand
As Natural as Breathing 
Are You Your Own Worst Enemy? 
Getting To the Fire Within
Writing Past Writers Block 
Make Your Characters Real
Love Your Heroine
The Power of Opening Well

Emilie Rose
Bronwyn Jameson
Trish Morey
Frances Housden
Fiona Brand
Robyn Donald
Anna Campbell
Nalini Singh
Jane Porter
Paula Roe
Jan Colley
Diamonds Downunder
Maxine Sullivan

Silhouette Desire Authors' Blog

Romance Writers of New Zealand Inc
Romance Writers of America
Romance Writers of Australia Inc
eHarlequin Australia
Barbara's Books - a romance-dedicated bookstore in New Zealand
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